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Repair of hydraulic cylinder

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about us
about us
Repair of hydraulic cylinder
We are able to repair any type hydraulic cylinder , our journey starter from repairing and reconditioning of hydraulic cylinders , due to which we have improved with the manufacturing of new customised cylinders as per the given applications
Typical applications are the finishing of cylinders for internal combustion engines, air bearing spindles and gears. There are many types of hones, but all consist of one or more abrasive stones that are held under pressure against the surface they are working on.
…in summary, maintenance is carried out at the most opportune moment to ensure performance and reliability is maintained and unnecessary maintenance, and potentially, down-time, drastically reduced
Our quick ability to assess the condition and life span of your hydraulic cylinder gives us an strong edge means that, over time, wear can be tracked. This allows us to determine the point at which maintenance should be carried out.
We then provide you with an efficient maintenance schedule which reduces downtime by identifying problems before they occur
So in summary, maintenance is carried out at the most opportune moment to ensure performance and reliability is maintained and unnecessary maintenance, and potentially, down-time, drastically reduced.
Ram / Oil Pumping unit / Actuators / Jacks / Dampeners / Equipment work application names , these are various names by which the people call the cylinders, a repair to this expensive piece of equipment is significantly more cost effective than replacing with new. In most cases the repaired cylinder will be indistinguishable from a brand new model – particularly when you trust an expert team like Lalit Hydraulic Systems with any hydraulic cylinder repair work.
We quote service for hydraulic cylinder repair, and will do the following;
  • Conduct a full assessment of the equipment and probable cause of failure
  • Decide the best possible course of action
  • Assess how many parts can be salvaged and
  • Decide if it is cost effective for us to complete hydraulic cylinder repairs
All our cylinder repairs pass through specialised departments
Our state of the art design department is available to improve and enhance the performance of your cylinders and we will always seek to improve your machinery when it arrives.
Our state of the art design department is available to improve and enhance the performance of your cylinders
We always carry a large stock of cylinders seals . chrome plated rods , cylinder barrels , piston and gland and other parts, due to which we can offer prompt cylinders repairs. And, if we don’t carry the seals, our stores can usually purchase them for delivery within 24-36 hours.
We manufacture your cylinder component with our high end technology as well as simple conventional machines .
Our Fitting Shop is clean and well equipped so you can be assured your rams are assembled with the upmost expertise
Once the rams have been assembled they are given a final inspection and tested according to our ISO 9001 Quality System
The final stage of any high quality hydraulic cylinder repair is the paint spray which protects the cylinder from future corrosion.
We paint according to your exact specification, including the application of off shore and subsea paints.
Our Manufacturing Specifications :
  • Bore upto 450 mm
  • Stroke upto 5 mtr
  • Upto 300 tons cylinder and up to 1000Ton jacks with working pressure upto 700 Bar
  • Repair of Tie rod type as well as welded type
  • Repair of Mounting Types : Flange Front / Rear / Centre ; Trunnion Front / Rear / Centre ; Clevis Front / Rear ; Eye Front / Rear;
  • Gas cutting facility available at vendor end
  • In-house Design Facility available for quick modifications if when required to adjust the available and suitable sealing
  • Any type of cylinder can be repaired and can be reverse engineered to be made at our end
  • We can reverse engineered the existing cylinder or modified for suitability as per our applications if the OEM failed for corrective solution
  • Refurbishing / reconditioning facility available with dedicated team [ workmen / design / testing unit / and machines for quicker deliveries
  • Making old non-working cylinder good as new
  • Powder coating / spray painting after every repair or replacement of parts
  • Customize cylinders available
  • High pressure bottle Jacks can be repaired
  • MOC : Mild steal / En series/ Alloy steel / Stainless steel / Aluminium / As per applications
  • Testing up-to 500 bar facility , every individual cylinder/jack is tested before painting
  • Dedicated team for repair services
  • Stainless steel SS cylinders repair
  • Aluminium build cylinders repair
Sectors to which we cater for Hydraulic cylinders repairs :
  • Material Handling Equipment and conveyors
  • All Earthmoving Equipments Loader , Grader , Dumper , Excavator , stone crusher , crane , Cylinder (Excavator, Loader , tipper ,motor grader, Asphalt mixing plant , Wheel loader, paver, dumper, jacks Backhoe ,Bulldozers ,Wheel Tractor Scraper , Trenchers ,Tower Cranes ,Pavers , Compactors ,Telehandlers , Feller Bunchers , Pile Boring Machine ,Pile Driving Machine
  • Steel Process and Manufacturing ( Blast furnace , reheating furnace , heat treatment furnace , Separators , continuous casing machines , conveyors etc )
  • Paper Process and Manufacturing
  • Plastics Process and Manufacturing machines ( Injection moulding machines , granules formations machine , blow moulding , pet bottles , poly film manufacturing , etc )
  • Automobile ( conveyors , scissor lifts , press machines , assembly equipments ,
  • Defence
  • Airline (Ground equipments)
  • Cutting machines Process and Manufacturing
  • Press machines Process and Manufacturing
  • Special purpose machines Process and Manufacturing
  • Ship Building
  • Concrete blocks manufacturing companies
  • Oil and gas
  • Railways
  • Mining
  • Water ( Dampeners , lid lifting and balancing cylinders for ball valves)
  • Offshore (Passive and Active Heave compensating cylinders)
  • Recycle & Renewable ( vibrators , lifters , conveyors ,
  • Electrical (crimping machines , lugs press machine , wire tension )
  • Currency manufacturing machines ( ink , conveyer lifter etc )
Highlights :
We manufacture and recondition hydraulic cylinders of Arm / stick, boom , bucket , swing , stabiliser , loader , spring tension cylinders extensively for after market for Tata Ex 100 / Ex200 / Zaxis 210 / Zaxis 220 / Ex300 / Ex350 etc / Kobelco 140 / Kobleco 220 / Kobleco210 / Kobleco 200 / Kobleco 350 / Kobleco 850 etc / Sany 100 / Sany 120 / Sany 140 / Sany 200 / Sany 210 / Sany 220 etc / JCB JS100 / JS120 / JS140 / JS 200 / JS 210 / JS220 / JS 300 etc / Mahendra Earthmaster SX / Mahendra Earthmaster VS / L&T PC71 / Komatsu PC210 / Komatsu PC300 / Komatsu PC450 / / Tarle T4000 / Tarle T3000 / Volvo EC140D / Volvo EC200D/ Volvo EC210D/ Volvo EC250D/ Volvo EC300D/ Volvo EC350D/ Volvo EC380D/ Volvo EC480D/ Volvo EC750D/ Volvo EC95E / CAT 424 / CAT 320D /CAT330D ETC /Hyundai 110/ Hyundai 210/ Hyundai 140 ETC / Dussan200/ Dussan 210 / Dussan 300 ETC / TEREX etc


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