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Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Kolkata

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Kolkata
Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Kolkata
Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Kolkata

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Lalit Hydraulics is one of the leading companies in the field of engineering design and hydraulic cylinder manufacturing in Kolkata. In order to ensure a hydraulic cylinders fit and performance requirements are met, Lalit hydraulics works in collaboration with customers to share ideas and gather critical information. Depending on your needs, Lalit hydraulics establishes close working relationships with your procurement, engineering, production, and R&D specialists. In this way, Lalit hydraulics ensure your equipment operates correctly with hydraulic cylinders that have the precise characteristics it needs. Several key design elements must be considered when designing a hydraulic cylinder, including bore size, rod diameter, maximum operating pressure stroke, and material.

In addition to our wide selection of standard hydraulic cylinders, we can design a cylinder to meet your exact requirements. You can find out about our standard cylinders and custom cylinder options by talking over our application specifications with your potential management. Lalit hydraulics provides an exceptionally wide range of cylinder styles, including custom designs. We at Lalit hydraulics have almost 16 years of experience delivering innovative and dependable solutions to meet OEM hydraulic cylinder needs, making us the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in Kolkata.

Hydraulic Cylinders Custom-built to Your Specifications

1. Cylinders with single-acting hydraulics

The low-maintenance single-acting hydraulic cylinders are compatible with most kinds of machines. Hydraulic cylinders with single-acting pistons extend by applying pressure to one end, and they retract by applying gravity to the other end. There are many markets that can benefit from single-acting designs, such as food industry, industrial manufacturing, and others.

2. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders

A double-acting hydraulic cylinder offers a versatile alternative to a single-acting version. The piston is moistened on both sides with hydraulic fluid in order to control the retraction process. Any application requiring force during extending or retracting, such as industrial, mobile, or construction equipment, benefits from custom-made double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

3. Hydraulic Cylinders for Heavy Duty

Machinery that requires heavy-duty solutions needs heavy-duty solutions. We produce a wide range of heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders that can be configured either as single-acting or double-acting to fit your needs. In addition, they can withstand operating pressures up to 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi) for use in marine or offshore equipment, forestry applications, mining operations, etc.

Hydraulic cylinder features

There are several components in every cylinder, including a cylinder barrel, a base, a head, a piston, a piston rod, seals, seal glands, and wear bands. As well as hydraulic fluid, they all use oil.

A barrel is a cylinder's body. Hydraulic pressure is held by this seamless tube, which mostly consists of seamless tubes.

This base performs both purposes: it encloses the pressure barrel at one end as well as serves as a mounting surface. There are several ways to attach it to the barrel, including threading, welding, tie rods, and bolts. Between the barrel and the cap, an O-ring, or static seal, is placed except when the cap is welded.

From the other end, the cylinder head surrounds the barrel. Tie rods, bolts, or threads are used to connect it to the barrel, which also features a static seal.

With the piston, pressure zones are separated inside the barrel, and cylinders manipulate attached loads and heavy machine components by pushing, pulling, steering, pressing, tilting, turning, and lifting them. Designed with grooves, they fit perfectly with metal or elastomeric seals and bearing elements.

Piston rods are attached to pistons by nuts, threads, or bolts. Linear motion is transferred to the piston by the piston. In most engines, the piston rod stretches from the cylinder to the rod-end head and is usually made of a hard chrome-plated piece of cold rolled steel. Also, it connects the hydraulic actuator to the machine component the hydraulic cylinder serves, either through a mounting attachment or through a machine thread.

Seals follow piston rods. It is common for seals in this setting to be semi-soft, non-metallic rings that fit into cylinder grooves. As a result, in reciprocating motion applications, they form an assembly that separates or blocks fluid. Different types of seals exist, including dynamic seals, rod seals, piston seals, double acting seals, and single acting seals.

Pressurized oil does not leak past the space between the rod and the cylinder head because seals are attached to the seal gland on the cylinder head. There are usually four main seals in a seal gland: the primary seal, the secondary seal, the buffer seal, the bearing elements, the scraper/wiper, and the static seal. As well as removing dust, dirt, and moisture, they also use scrapers/wipers to remove contaminants.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Kolkata
  • Two end Clevis with spherical bearings cylinders
  • Fork type cylinders
  • Front or rear flange type cylinders
  • Two end pin EYE cylinders
  • Trunnion type cylinders
  • Two ends rods cylinders
  • Swing type cylinders
  • Clamping type cylinders
  • Swivel type cylinders
  • Double ended type for sensor positioning cylinders
  • Long strokes cylinders
  • Small bore cylinders
  • Large bore type cylinders
  • Hinged type cylinders
  • Pencil type cylinders
  • Very High pressure type cylinders
  • Bottom mounting cylinders
  • Side mounting cylinders
  • Bottle type cylinders
  • Press Cylinders
  • Mill Type cylinders
  • Heavy duty bolted type cylinders
  • Full Threaded type cylinders
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
Features of Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Kolkata, India
Features Capability and Types
Capacity Maximum 700 Bar and maximum 500 Ton
Stroking Distance Maximum 5 meters
Speed Maximum 1 m/sec
Temperature 54°C to 260°C, special cases it raises up to 500°C
Mounting styles [Front - intermediate - Rear ] Flanges, Trunnion, Clevis, Shoe type, Pivot, Side, any customization available.
Honed tube Bore Size Maximum 450 mm
Piston Rod Size Maximum 400 mm
Piston Rod End Plane / Pin / Threading / Step
Piston Rod Hard chrome plated and grounded
Material Stainless Steel [SS], Alloy steel, Aluminum, Brass, Titanium
Inbuilt optional Cylinder configurations Both end cushioning, Non return valves, check valves, air vents, spring return, safety valve and customization available.
Cylinder Tubes Plane with ports, Ports welded oil tubes, One end plugged and customization available
Seals Being hydraulics manufacturer, we offer seals compatible with a range of temperatures and fluids and can help choose seal materials that meet application requirements.
CNC-VMV All components are CNC- VMV produced Subject to quantities.


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