Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacturer in Mumbai | Hydraulic Power Pack in Mumbai

Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacturer in Mumbai

Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacturer in Mumbai
Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacturer in Mumbai
Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacturer in Mumbai

Top-of-the-line machines produced by Lalit Hydraulics are setting new standards in the hydro industry, Our Company was established in 2007. We have acquired leading position among hydraulic power pack manufacturers in Mumbai and also suppliers and exporters dealing with Industrial Hydraulic Power Packs due to our rich experience of more than a decade. Hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic presses, and more are all specialties of the company. As well as delivering hydraulic components at competitive prices, the company is also known for its quality.

In India, Lalit Hydraulics is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic power packs in Mumbai. In addition to standard power packs, we can also build custom power packs for you. The power packs are available in both auto cut-off and holding types, which are painted with epoxy paints or powder coatings for a high quality finish. In order to provide quality products to our customers, we ensure that our hydraulic power pack systems have compact designs, rust free nature, and quality cylinders with single and double acting. Our hydraulic power pack components are tested on a wide range of parameters such as durability, resistance, and shelf life.

Hydraulic Power Packs manufactured by us consist of an Oil Tank. The base frame carries a vertical or horizontal flange mounted & electrical motor couple. Suction strainers on both sides of the pump are capable of straining particles down to microns. Discharge strainers are connected to manifold blocks on the discharge side. There is a power pack designed to meet virtually every application requirement, with capacities, control options & configurations to suit. We offer a wide variety of Manifold options and Pump choices so that our customers can match their application requirements with a power pack that meets their requirements, at the same time ensuring cost-effective operation and maximum efficiency.

Here are our manufacturing specifications.

  1. By knowing the application, we can design and manufacture the product
  2. Capacity up to 250-300 tons
  3. A wide variety of valves are available
  4. Up to 1000 litres of tank capacity
  5. There are light duty and medium duty power packs
  6. A hand-operated valve as well as a control panel-operated valve are both available
  7. Companies that we use pumps from: Rexroth / Yuken / Polyhydron / Vickers / etc
  8. Among the valve companies we use are Bosch Rexroth / Polyhydron / Vickers / Yuken, etc.
  9. The following motor companies are used by us: Siemens / Crompton
  10. AC, DC, and battery-operated
  11. Gear pump and piston pump sizes from 0.5 up to 100 lpm

Power pack features & benefits

  • As a result of the high strength, the service life is longer
  • An inexpensive and simple installation is available.
  • It is suitable for applications requiring heavy lifting
  • Efficiency and performance that are outstanding

The advantages of hydraulic power packs are as follows.

  • A device that generates hydraulic power when no power source is available.
  • The units are available in large, fixed, and portable sizes.
  • Fluids should be stored in a hydraulic reservoir.
  • It is regulated how much pressure is sent to a valve, pressure supply lines, and other devices by regulators.
  • A small footprint and a fixed maximum torque and speed characterize them.
  • The units have a long operational lifetime due to their durability.

Why are we a reliable manufacturer of Industrial Hydraulic Power Packs?

As one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial Hydraulic Power Pack in Mumbai, we are known for our quality products and prompt services. Providing solutions to questions relating to the buyers and industry applications is the responsibility of an expert team. In our position as a manufacturer, we understand how important after-sales services are. The same is accomplished through the appointment of a team. In addition to repair services, Industrial Hydraulic Power Packs are available at an affordable price labels at a reasonable price



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