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Hydraulic Power pack unit

Hydraulic Power pack unit
Hydraulic Power pack unit
Hydraulic Power pack unit
Hydraulic Power pack unit
Hydraulic Power Pack Unit
A hydraulic power pack is a self-contained unit that consists mainly of a motor, a tank / reservoir hydraulic pump, valves, gauges. Using fluid to transmit power from one location to another, hydraulic power packs can generate massive amounts of flow and pressurised oil to drive hydraulic machinery like
Power pack assembly and or its components
This is the driver of the Hydraulic system ; if you have cylinders / servo systems ? DO let us know the Bore stroke tonnage and time required to complete the cycle we will be able to manufacture the Power pack for your system
Our Manufacturing Specifications :
  • With knowing the application we can design and manufacture
  • Upto 250-300 tons capacity
  • All types of valve available
  • Tank size upto 1000 Ltrs
  • Light duty and Medium duty Power packs
  • Hand Operated as well as by control panel operated valves
  • Pumps companies that we use : Rexroth / Yuken / Polyhydron / Vickers / etc
  • Valves companies that we use : Bosch Rexroth / Polyhydron / Vickers / Yuken etc
  • Motors companies that we use : Siemens / Crompton
  • Voltage : AC / DC / Battery operated
  • Pump Size : 0.5 up to 100 lpm for Gear pump and Piston pump
Type of Power pack We manufacture :
They have a wide application range. Lalit hydraulic s power packs are designed according an integrated modular system of valves for the various functions.
This highlights the equipment’s compact nature, the foundation of its high performance level
The basic components of the power packs are:
  • a manifold block with cavities for various types of valves
  • a very quiet, high-efficiency gear pump
  • an electric motor (DC or AC)
  • a reservoir (plastic or steel)
  • several optional accessories
Advantages of Compact power pack:
  • Compact and modular construction, limited number of components, quick and easy assembly
  • Maximum flexibility – numerous different circuits can be built from just the few basic versions
  • Valve cavities conform to international standards
  • Optimisation of motor-pump unit produce increased efficiency and low operating noise level
Heavy Duty Power pack
Used where there required continuous production , multiple operations , high pressures are required , are to be carried out by power pack on industrial machines , process plants like steel industries , cement plants , machine tool manufacturing companies , moulding , casting plants , Rubber industry , components manufacturing machines , food and drugs industries , water treatments , and many more , there power pack are equipped with return line filters , heat exchangers unit water cooled or air cooled depending upon the applications , being customised we can manufacture them to give the output we desired from the cylinders or servo systems making them energy efficient and effective
Application suitable as per our manufacturing specifications of Honing :
  • Material Handling Equipment and conveyors Cylinder (Scissor lifts ; Crane ; Wall mounted lift ; material handling lifts ; car lift )
  • Steel Process and Manufacturing
  • Paper Process and Manufacturing
  • Plastics Process and Manufacturing machines
  • Automobile : Gear cutting . Shearing , bending , Spring manufacturing , Sheet cutting , Forming , Press machine , cutting of all products , punching etc
  • Defence
  • Air force
  • Food and drug : mixing , conveying , lifting , pushing , cutting , filling , etc
  • Cutting machines Process and Manufacturing
  • Press machines Process and Manufacturing
  • Special purpose machines Process and Manufacturing
  • Ship Building
  • Concrete blocks manufacturing companies
  • Oil and gas : transferring ,
  • Wood industry : Door laminates press , cutting , pressing , compacting etc
  • Granite and tiles manufacturing : Mixing , cutting , polishing , compacting etc
  • Electrical : crimping , cutting , pressing , bending , punching etc
  • Offshore : rigs , barge , lifters , drilling
  • Ship construction : conveyer , crane etc
  • Machine-tool manufacture : CNC , VMC , SPM
  • Press construction
  • Test bed engineering : wire ropes ,
  • Special technologies
  • Building machinery
  • Environmental technology
  • Car lifters
  • Lift trucks
  • Scissor lifts
  • Medical equipments
  • Truck tailgate lifts
  • Lifting platforms
  • Equipments for disabled needs
  • Automation: opening/closing of swing doors, tailgates, safety locking systems,
  • Aerial Platforms
  • Car Hoists
  • Compactors
  • Dock Levellers
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Factory Automation
  • Parking Systems
  • Scissors Lifts
  • Security Gates


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